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Here Now... Celebrate Your Wins!
Have you ever wanted to be happier and more productive? This book can help. It contains 30 life lessons I've learned
 the hard way, so that you don't have to. Each short chapter lists practical steps to change ideas into actions. 
Continue your journey to grow into the person you were meant to be.
Write Better Essays.
Do you need to write essays? You're gonna love this! Write essays, especially college essays, faster, easier, and better in 6 easy steps.
Do you sometimes feel other people have done the research that you are now doing? Work smarter with these Valuable Resources!
These Have Pride of Place in My Office
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Gregory Hanks has taught community college for upwards of 17 years. He's helped thousands of students achieve more of their potential, write better, and earn their degrees. Those graduates have gone on to help other people with their careers. He earned his Master's degree in 2001, and he has continued to discover and grow since then. In 2017, he left a traditional teaching role to help more people like you get better results, faster.  
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