How to Study More Effectively
With Simple Steps to
Beat Procrastination and Distraction
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Donna Kerr, college teacher of 37 years

“Videos... were easy to follow and offered great concrete, valid tips” and “Topic choices are spot on--applicable to just about anyone, actually, not just students."

Justin Halsey, college student

“He will try his best to help you out with any problems you may have with college."

Michelle Williamson, college teacher

(about a lesson) "This video addresses best practices for e-mail communication in a way that's engaging and easy to remember. Following the advice provided will maximize the effectiveness of your e-mails!

Taylor Dragt, college student

"Mr Hanks is an amazing teacher! He finds ways to get through to you no matter what the hurdle might be. He is light and energetic and very resourceful! He is one of the few instructors who genuinely want to see you succeed, not for their own benefit, but your own!"

Jacob, college student

“This is great advice! I use this formula all the time and I get great results."

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