How to Write College Essays:
Get It Done So You Can
 Graduate and Help People
Greg Hanks
Writing and Success Teacher
Founder of Empower Your College Life
You're gonna love this.  This report is going to help you write college essays.




First, please allow me to share a story.  A man served in the military for several years.  But he really liked dealing with supplies and numbers.  The soldier decided to retrain as an accountant.
Clustering is One Way to Prewrite
When his duty ended, he enrolled in a community college.  Willing to work and learn, he passed most of his classes, but failed ENG 111 (freshman composition).  Years ago, his high school hadn't really prepared him to write strong essays.  Nothing in his career since had given him practice or training.  He didn't know some concepts and rules the teacher assumed he knew.

I'm ashamed for my profession, but his teacher told him that he'd never be able to write essays.

The student was discouraged, but he was also brave enough to try again with a different teacher.  In the new class, he approached writing as a step by step process.  He doubted, but he kept trying what that teacher suggested.

The future accountant would do what he could and bring that much to class.
Then the teacher, or a classmate, would make some suggestions to make it better.  He did.  Then he'd follow the next step, and learn the next key concept, and improve each essay some more.

Along the way, the man noticed that his attitude was changing as well.  He began to see writing essays as a challenging but manageable task.  He'd overcome a lot of challenges in his career.  He could meet this one, and he did, with practice and even the occasional smile.
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